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US-China Pen Pal Exchange:

IPIE.US is pleased to have facilitated its second Pen Pal exchange program between schools in Indiana,
USA and Guangdong, China. Since program inception, over 400 US and Chinese students have participated
in these exchanges. Ali Meyer from Shakamak Jr./Sr. High School in Jasonville, Indiana and Mamie Peng
from Guangzhou #1 High School in Guangzhou, China are the participating classroom teachers.

Ali: "Our pen pal exchange was priceless. Students were given first-hand experiences that really made
them compare our way of life to theirs. We got to exchange small gifts, taste some of their normal
food/snacks, and learn about what school is like for them and compare all of these things to our own
society. It was really eye-opening for them and I could not have asked for a better exchange. Loved it!"

US Student: "I loved having our Chinese pen pals! I learned a lot about their culture and their way of life,
especially for people my age. There were so many differences between my world and theirs and I never
would have known that if it weren't for our pen pals!"

Chinese Student: "I am so glad to take part in this project. This is such a great chance for us students
from two different countries to get to know more about each other. In our letters, we talked about our
favorite foods, sports, films, music and even politics. Sharing different cultures and our own thoughts, we
not only have learned to handle the English language better but also have had our horizons broadened.  I
really appreciate that we can be in this project and I hope that we can keep in touch with our pen pals!"

IPIE.US is delighted to support these types of programs and we wish the schools involved continued
Ali Meyers
Shakamak High School
Jasonville, Indiana
Mamie Peng
Guangzhou #1 High School
Guangzhou, Guangdong